Hunter Best Cleaning will always be invested in providing our customers with the very best options for protection during this continuing COVID-19 crisis and we are today able to offer to you a truly exclusive and Unique solution. A product that provides continued 28 day disinfectant protection for any surface yes you read right, it kills COVID-19 for 28 days without reapplication to the surface being treated.

We would like to give you some background on this unique product.

Several years ago Dr. Jeffrey Williams and his team developed a unique product that has been marketed for years through the website and Amazon as an "odor eliminator". The product is manufactured in the USA under US Patents. The choice to market the product as an odor eliminator instead of a disinfectant was made on a commercial basis because odor eliminators do not require EPA approval whereas disinfectants, do.

However the product that you see on the Oxiscience website is exactly the same product that we are now using on behalf of our customers, for protection against and containment of, COVID-19.

OxiScience kills bacteria including COVID-19 when applied to any surface and, it is safe for skin, inhalation and, even food providing a safe and unique solution to disinfect surfaces in commercial buildings, homes, hospitals, transportation systems, offices and anywhere that the public congregate.

The OxiScience product is Unique because unlike all other disinfectants, when applied to any surface, it kills COVID-19 for 28 days or longer *.

Please contact us for details on our recommended use of OxiScience for your property/properties."

*NOTE: We expect that the product will have full EPA approval within 1-3 weeks so we are currently using OxiScience under the odor eliminator classification. All of the ingredients in the product that you see on the Oxiscience website are, EPA approved and the product that the EPA is currently approving as a disinfectant is EXACTLY the same as to its ingredients as the product currently being marketed on the website and on Amazon.